Unified Price Assistant

Important notes on how to use the assistant:

  • This is for Display demand only
  • You are using floor and NOT targeted eCPM
  • Identify the floor you want to test
  • Total ad requests via Adx historical report (min last 7 days)
  • Total sold impressions: Adx, Open Bidding, Amazon, Prebid (min last 7 days)
  • Total revenue: Adx, Open Bidding, Amazon, Prebid
  • When you increase or decrease the floor, make sure it is from 5%-10% of the set floor or 1 cent + –
  • After changing the floor, you will need to wait for 7 days for proper scalable data and perform the same exercise.

Example of a unified price rule on Google Ad Exchange

Unified price rule created on Adx

Geo: USA

Floor: 0,50

Go to reports (Screenshots below):

Total ad requests: Adx historical type, filter country name=USA, on the metrics, tick Total Ad requests, Matched requests and revenue.

SSPs Report: Now go to reports again and choose historical, filter the dimensions above, and add to it the SSPs, select the orders (such as Amazon, Rubicon, Index), on the metrics select “Ad server impressions and Ad server Revenue).

EBDA Report: similar to SSPs report, instead of orders choose yield partners.

Sold Impressions: Adx impressions + SSPs impressions + EBDA impressions

Revenue: Adx revenue + SSPs revenue + EBDA revenue

Place each result into the correspondent field in the assistant widget. (The data you place in the assistant is NOT saved anywhere)

Adx Historical Report and filter
Adx Dimensions
Prebid Historical Report
Prebid Filter
Prebid Dimensions
EBDA Report
EBDA Filter
EBDA Dimensions
Report TypeAd RequestsSold ImpressionsTotal
Google Adx Historical1,000,000200,0002,000